Journaling During Quarantine and Social Distancing

A few days ago or maybe it was weeks ago, honestly they are all pushed together at this point, but I came across this post on facebook that really got me thinking about the importance of having my children journal this experience. I will admit that I am “THAT MOM” that takes pictures of everything and it didn’t stop during the quarantine. The main reason for my picture taking is to document the time and allow the kids to go back and reflect on the experience and more importantly, write about their feelings. During these uncertain times, recording your feelings and memories during the global pandemic is important, especially for kids!

The post that caught my eye! This was what my friend wrote:

“My social studies teacher had us document everything we could about where we were during September 11th. I still have that handwritten piece of notebook paper.

So- what we are living through now is history- the good we are seeing either among neighbors or on a bigger level. The bad we see – it’s all there.

So document it. Have your kids document. Journal about their day- now most are at home- some doing remote or virtual school, some have no formal school at all.

This is global. Document it. Our kids,
Kids will be learning about this in their history and science classes.” –Katie Crossman


Here are some ideas on Journaling During During Quarantine and Social Distancing

Google Drive

Google Docs is a good and simple word processor, so for a diary have a header with the date of your entry and then write your text.

I would suggest that you add your new entry to the top of the document as that will save you having to scroll to the bottom.

Create a new file each day or week depending how much you write. You can create a free Google account and allow kids to document their days in Google Drive or through Sites.


Video Journaling

Let’s face it, kids love to make videos of themselves and this is the time to let them go at it! Ask kids to record a few minutes to remember the day. At the end, they can put videos or add pictures into an iMovie that can be uploaded and saved online.



You can use just a regular journal too– just grab a notebook and have kids write or you can create some fancy.  A friend of mine, with the help of her daughter, created this Today is a New Day Journal to help children record memories from this time. Journaling can help quell anxiety and these memoirs will be a tangible piece of history that you can look back on years from now. If you are currently quarantined and/or social distancing, chances are probably pretty good that you have some extra time on your hands. Use some of that time to fill out this guided journal. Each daily page contains prompts for the date, weather, how you are feeling, what activities you did that day, and something positive that you are grateful for that day. This journal is appropriate for both kids and adults. While not specifically a gratitude journal, this journal focuses on positivity while acknowledging that is okay to feel scared or worried.

Download it here
2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets

I did not make this. I just found this circulating online.

I found who the owner of this digital sheets are it is owned by LONG Creations. You can follow them in Facebook or ETSY for more graphic designs and home decor. YOU ARE AMAZING and SO TALENTED, Ms. Natalie Long!



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