Learn at Home Resources During COVID-19 School Cancellations

Over the last couple weeks, I find myself saving resources on social media and going back to them when I have time to look more into the quality of the sites. Below are some of the really neat learn at home resources during COVID-19 School Cancellations that have caught my attention. It has defiantly been…

Over the last couple weeks, I find myself saving resources on social media and going back to them when I have time to look more into the quality of the sites. Below are some of the really neat learn at home resources during COVID-19 School Cancellations that have caught my attention. It has defiantly been a learning curve as the kids struggled to adjust to the new learning schedule. We also have been taking piano lessons via Zoom. Although there is a curve, you defiantly have to have a “whatever works” attitude in order to get through it. What works for one house, may not work for another. Honestly, what works for one child, may not work for another. Adjust until you find a comfortable learning routine that works for your family. If parents are working from home during the day, maybe that’s the time that you can offer some of the resources below and have your kids focus on school work later in the day once parents are done with work. Again it’s whatever works for your family. There is no right or wrong way to learn at home during COVID-19.

As an elementary computer teacher and mom of 3 young children, it’s important to take advantage of the resources that could first give you a break and second, that can keep the kids engaged! Welcome to the inside look of my saved favorites!!

Learn at Home Physical Education

Free Online Toddler Frozen Dance Class

Like we need another reason to “Let it Go!” Here is a neat toddler frozen dance class via youtube.

Beach Body is offering free videos to get kids moving! This is great and can be done at all levels. During this unprecedented time, we want to continue helping families stay healthy and sane by offering some fun ways to expend energy together. With schools out and no formal recess or P.E., we hope you’ll use these workouts to make family fitness fun and a part of your daily routine with our free selection of Beachbody Kids Workouts from Beachbody celebrity trainers Tony Horton, Shaun T and Leandro Carvalho. This is a temporary service where they make these free to access.

Learn at Home Resources by Subject

It pays to have friends in cool places of the internet. Here is a document filled with At-Home Resources for Families that are broken down by age group and subject.

Learn at Home Coding For Kids: Free Classes, Websites, and Apps

There are plenty of paid coding appswebsites, and books for kids to learn to code. In the digital age, there are even more ways to learn coding for kids, free.

Coding also allows your kid to creatively express him or herself. Your child has an idea for a game? They should make it! Your child has an idea for a website? They should design it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to coding and there are FREE apps, websites, and activities available to kids of all ages.



Banzai Program sponsored by Penn East Federal Credit Union

Banzai is free, online financial literacy for students of all ages. It’s interactive and fun. Over 60,000 math, business, family and consumer science, and computer teachers have joined the program nationwide. Banzai focuses on building credit, borrowing, budgeting, spending, setting goals. This is a wonderful program that I have been using for years in my classroom with students in grades 4-6. They start by learning the important terms and with limited choices, but continue through the program to make decisions about saving for future.

Head over to the Banzai website and use code 8DEXBC to join as a student. More ideas to teach kids financial literacy.

Career Exploration

We started using this website in the elementary computer classes this year on Career exploration called Pennsylvania Career Zone. It allows children to navigate through a variety of careers to research required education, expected responsibilities and of course, salary. It’s an independent website that kids can navigate and learn on their own. Sign up for a free account today for Pennsylvania Career Zone and start exploring.

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities


You may have a better chance of pulling teeth than to get your kids to read extra books, but here is a neat alternative to reading. Why not let the kids relax and listen to their favorite authors read the book to them! This resource offers a list of Children’s authors doing online read-aloud & activities. 


Free Social Emotional Learning Activities


This is a pretty neat Social Emotional Learning Activities page where you will find free resources – lessons, activities, and printables – in the following skill areas: Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation, Empathy, Impulse Control, and Social Initiation.

These resources are age-appropriate for elementary and middle school students and are typically used in a classroom or a small group setting. And in most cases, if materials are required for the activity, they are items that you already have in your classroom or office.



Here is the entire list of National Parks you can tour virtually. Click on any of the names and you’ll be taken right to that National Park. The best part is, they are all FREE admission!

Just for Fun Activities!

Oh gosh, there are so many fun things that you can do at home, but do you have the energy to do them? Besides Turning Leftovers into Chopped Game for Kids in Quarantine, here is a list of100 Activities To Do At Home During School Closures. 

Again, these are just a handful of sites that I saved over the past couple weeks, but I would love for you to share, in the comments section, the sites you came across!

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