Making a Difference through Music with Dani-elle

Dani-elle Kleha, local country singer, starting singing at the age of 3 and hasn’t looked back. Working hard to get to where she is today, Dan-elle wants to give back to the community and has created a Positive Youth Tour, which is FREE right now to local schools. The hour long event features Dani-elle talking about her passion to spread awareness of anti-bullying, following by a personal message about her experience of setting a goal to achieve her dream and all about the long hours and commenting that she went through. The end of the event features Dani-elle, along with her band, taking the stage for a mini concert followed by Q and A’s if time. Right now, this event is sponsored by Texas Roadhouse of Wilkes-Barre and The Ronald McDonald House of Scranton.  Kleha kicked off her 2019 Tour last Spring with hopes of making it a National Tour. You can also email Dani-elle Kleha Entertainment at

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Holiday Album is awesome!


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