Oh, The Places You’ll Go Graduation Gift with Teacher Note



Oh, The Places You’ll Go Graduation Gift with Email Teacher Note

A few years back, I came across the Dr. Seuss Gradation Gift idea on pinterest. In short, this father had all his daughter’s teachers from k-12 sign the book Oh, The Places You’ll Go! On high school graduation night, he presented the book to his daughter with all the teacher’s notes from every school year. Immediately after reading the idea, I ordered Oh, The Places You’ll Go! I sent the book into Lucas’ Kindergarten teacher in a large manila envelope with a note asking his teacher to sign the book. Since then, I have purchased books for my other two children and each year I ask one of the special area teacher’s to sign the book as well. Well, this year it’s looking a little different since COVID, so I have sent emails to each teacher with the note in the email and asked for an email back. My plan is to print out the note from the teacher and glue it on a page and include their school picture or a picture taken with the teacher. As I am reading about the 2020 graduates on social media, there are many that have done this tradition for their children and some have even recorded their children getting the gift during virtual graduation parties.

Dr. Seuss Gradation Gift

This plan ahead Dr. Seuss Gradation Gift can be signed by other people besides just the teacher. This year, I am going to also ask Mollie’s dance teacher and the kids’  piano teacher as well. I just love going back each year and reading what the teachers wrote about my kids and I know that some day, my kids are going to LOVE this gift! This is the note that I placed in the folder. Wouldn’t it be cute to even add a gift card or end of the year thank you for the teacher! It’s not to late to order  Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Get the Note–>  Oh the Places You’ll Go Graduation Gift Letter to Teachers



It’s not too late to Start the “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” Tradition

Start this tradition with Oh, the Places You’ll Go to give to your future high school graduate. Even if you are late to the game, now is the time to email past teachers and ask them to write a little note that you can glue onto the pages and dig for some school pictures or even add your own memory about that grade. Again, you can download the free note –>  Oh the Places You’ll Go Graduation Gift Letter to Teachers

I have one for each of my kids and at the end of the school year their teacher writes a special note in it for them. Such a special keepsake!! ❤️

This hardcover book is on Amazon for only $8.24!! I know I paid $ 20!!



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