Making Points Where They Count The Most

“I love to watch you play.” That is what we are told that we should be saying to our children on the ride home. Years ago, I struggled when I heard people suggest that and even argued if it was possible for me to say that if I didn’t mean it.

I get it… it’s fun to watch them play when they are little. It’s joyful to see them giggle on the court/field and play with their friends. But it was different for me because I was also their coach. As they got older, they wanted to hear from me what they were doing right and also what they were doing wrong.

It took me years to find that balance and to put boundaries around those conversations.
It took stepping back on my end and making decisions to not coach them at times. It has been a struggle to find that balance and to sit back at times to let someone else coach a child that you love so much, but I can finally say with all honesty to my kids, “I love to watch you play.”

But I still give the space for them to ask what they need to do to get better. I will never stop coaching my kids to be the best version of themselves, on and off the court.

Listen to more about my experience with coaching youth sports on the podcast episode Making Points Where They Count The Most.

Thank you to Jeannine Luby for having me on your podcast.

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