Tips for Keeping the Kids Busy in Summer

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When we were looking at how much time our kids spent the first week of summer on their screens, it was honestly jaw dropping! I may not have all the answers, but I will find them. This is something that I hear a lot about from parents, so I went looking for help and this is what I found- Better Screen Time.   which talks about using i0s settings and I also found AppDetox for google play.

This site offers some great apps that will help limit screen time and even a guide to help you create a Family Tech Guide. Have you ever checked the amount of screen time on your device? It will shock you. Check it out and let us know.


One of our moms in the Hat Club created a neat  SUMMER SCREEN TIME CHECKLIST, You can print it out as well to add it to your fridge. (Thanks, Mandi)

Another great idea is to allow kids to create their own business!


One way to encourage entrepreneurship is to have kids to have their own lemonade stand. Really, there are only a few necessities needed to make a stand. Lemonade, cups, and kids! The location of the stand is also really important because you want to set up in a high traffic area, but also an area that is safe for kids.  Kids that make a lemonade stand can really understand the meaning of “hard earned money.”

Teaching your children how to save is an important step to prepare them for financial responsibility and a secure future. But it won’t go very far if you don’t “practice what you preach.” Most kids don’t know the difference between debit and credit cards. For example, my children think that any time we need money, that we can just visit the ATM machine. It’s important to explain how the money gets in the ATM machine and the same thing goes for using credit cards. The use of plastic all the time could send mixed signals, so it’s important not to ignore the questions they may have about money.   In other words, you are constantly modeling money habits, which they will catch more than you think.

Here is a Lemonade Stand Business Tips (1)

Ultimately, saving is a good thing and positive financial habits early on in life help mold our future habits. The new year brings a perfect opportunity to teach kids the skills to be equipped to make smart money choices, especially with their newfound fortune. Because it’s never too early to teach the value of money and the importance of saving.

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