5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

We all know how hard new and veteran mothers, like myself, work all year long to ensure their family schedules and routines don’t skip a beat. When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, focus on what your Mom really wants. Mothers cherish homemade gifts made by their children because it is a momento that we will keep for many years. Since we work tirelessly throughout the year, a day (or hour) to ourselves to be pampered is also a great idea. Here are 5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day.

  1. A Day of Pampering

 A day at the spa is a huge treat for mothers of all ages.  Moms schedule is jammed packed, so don’t make the mistake of scheduling this appointment, let mom pick the best time to get spoiled at the spa. If a spa day isn’t in the budget, think about a gift certificate for a spa treatment like a manicure, pedicure or a special pampering session. Unsure about the spa, how about checking out Note Fragrances in downtown Scranton, which is offering some awesome Mother’s Day Packages for Mother/Daughter classes, Fragrance Mini sets and giveaways. 


  1. Jewelry 

A very popular gift for Mother’s Day is jewelry, especially when it’s meaningful. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive, check daily deal and all the online deals at Mother’s Day Gift Guide


  1. Gift Card 

As a mom of three young children, like many other moms, it’s very rare for me to spend money on myself. Although you may think a gift card is impersonal, it’s actually a guilt free way for mom to spend money on herself. 


  1. Flowers

 Although flowers look pretty for a few days, they can be very expensive and don’t last long. Why not invest in a perennial for her garden. 


  1. Clean House

Have the kids pitch in to clean the house by picking up toys or washing clothes.  Another option that mom would love is a cleaning service. Even if it was just for one day, it would free up time for mom to spend with the kids without having to worry about house cleaning. 


There are a ton of ways to show your Mom how much you love her and appreciate all that she does, and many of them don’t cost anything.  How about Breakfast in bed or the day off from duties. Make a list of the duties that mom usually completes and split it among kids or let dad take over. Handmade items such as handprints, kids’ paintings, or homemade cards. Create a memory box that mom will love. Have kids document favorite memories with mom and place them in a  decorated shoe box. Visit the dollar store for inexpensive picture frames and add your favorite photo from the year. What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day Gifts?

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020