5 Tips and Tricks for Tackling College Remotely

5 Tips and Tricks for Tackling College Remotely

In person classes are hard enough. Transitioning to remote learning will bring a whole new set of obstacles. Let’s look at the bright side though, this is just another challenge to help us grow as individuals and learn what works for us! Just remember that everyone will be in your shoes, this is a new experience for everyone, including your professors. Making the quick and unexpected transition home from college last semester definitely threw me for a whirl. However, now I know what to expect and feel confident going into my junior year. Whether you are going into your freshman or senior year of college here are some tips that I found to make my transition home last semester easier. 


Write down assignments, quizzes, upcoming projects and other important due dates in a planner. 

  • This will allow you to stay on top of your assignments. It’s easy to forget what you have to do when you aren’t in class with your professor reminding you everyday. A planner is a great way to stay on top of all your assignments and plan for the upcoming weeks. 

Buy your essential school supplies. 

  • Act as though you are still going to in person classes. Binders, notebooks, pencils and flashcards are still going to be essential to your success. Keeping each subject and notes separate will help you stay organized with your work. I like to use different color notebooks for each class I have. 

Set a schedule for yourself. If your classes don’t meet at a specific time online then create a schedule for yourself to follow. 

  • Having a set routine will make your day much easier. Waking up at the same time and getting your assignments done allows you to have the rest of the day to yourself. You also won’t be burnt out from the tasks of that day if you do your school work right in the morning. 

Email your professors!

  • Utilize your professors office hours in whatever way that may mean. They are here to help you and remember this online stuff is new for them too! If you are ever confused about an assignment or material, email them and ask. This will show you care about the material and they will likely remember better. 

Find a quiet, cozy, and organized spot for yourself to do work. 

  • You don’t want to be on a zoom call and have a bunch of distractions around you. So find a quiet spot where you are by yourself and free of any distractions or noises. A local library could be a good spot if your home is a little crazy at times. Personally, I never know what to expect at home or how loud it is going to be so I find that a simple pair of headphones are a great way to make sure I stay focused and keep other sounds out. 
  • Create somewhere where you want to go and do your work. Make it cozy by adding a comfortable chair to do your school work in. The more relaxed you are the easier you will find it to do your work. Nothing is worse than trying to do schoolwork in an uncomfortable position.  
  • Organize your space so that all your school supplies can sit in one spot. Having a cluttered space will lead to a cluttered mind. I like to use a desk organizer to keep each subject separate but have everything in the same relative location.  

As we all transition to this new normal, keep in mind these tips and tricks that will help you get through college during these crazy times. Good luck and remember to set some time aside for yourself!