Episode 2: Tiffany Letosky- Living with Endometriosis

Tiffany Letosky, Endometriosis Activist – President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the organization Worldwide EndoMarch. Dedicated to raising awareness and properly educating on the disease, helping women and young girls get treatment and support. You can join the facebook group for Philadelphia Chapter of Worldwide EndoMarch

During the interview, Tiffany shared that schools can request free information. Just Text ENDO to 66866, to register your school & join the #TeachEndoNOW! nationwide call to action, to teach endometriosis in every high school, medical school, and nursing school in the U.S. by 2020. We also talked about The Rose Study being done by . If you’re interested in becoming an Endo Educator and teaching adolescents about endometriosis, sign up to volunteer with ENPOWR’s Endo EduKit and start bringing awareness and education to your hometown!

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Living with Endo: A Warrior’s Tale


Inspiring takeaways from Tiffany’s interview!

  • Stop being what everyone thinks you should be
  • Scale back, especially when you aren’t feeling good.
  • Morning and night- three things to say to yourself.
    • I am happy, I am healthy and I am healing.