Urban Kids in Quarantine Interview on Podcast

Have you wondered what’s going through the mind of the 55 million kids that are now being homeschooled? Well, we were too and decided to interview our children about this crazy experience. Lucas is 13, Mollie is 10 and Jaxon is 8. This episode is brought to you by BusyKid, a chore app where kids can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance. Visit BusyKid to register for a free account and have your kids start earning money today. Learn more about how your kids can be using this chores app for kids to earn money



A few days ago or maybe it was weeks ago, honestly they are all pushed together at this point, but I came across this post on facebook that really got me thinking about the importance of having my children journal this experience. I shared some ideas for journaling during quarantine and social distancing in a previous post.  I will admit that I am “THAT MOM” that takes pictures of everything and it didn’t stop during the quarantine. The main reason for my picture taking is to document the time and allow the kids to go back and reflect on the experience and more importantly, write about their feelings. During these uncertain times, recording your feelings and memories during the global pandemic is important, especially for kids!

Guess what, kids love filming themselves, so why not have them create a digital journal or even a traditional journal if that’s more comfortable.

Thanks Mama Cheaps for creating the Today is a New Day Journal


Chores App For kids to Earn Money

Today we talked about the BusyKid App, which allows kids to complete Chores App For kids to Earn Money. BusyKid is the chore app where kids can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance. There’s NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE* to use BusyKid but plenty of features to help your kids build a strong financial routine.

While kids earning allowance by completing chores is at the heart of BusyKid, the app is dedicated to providing features that will help parents teach their kids how to manage money.

Chores & Allowance (Set By Age)-BusyKid provides a chore chart where the chores and allowance are preset by the age of the child. Parents have the option to manipulate these as well.

This is something that will really help motivate your kids to complete chores. Once you download the app, make sure to adjust the amount of money to pay your kids or you will go broke. Seriously, my kids are trying to earn as much cash as possible and at first I put value into brushing teeth and making bed, but as we used it more, I realized that those are things that they should be doing daily even without pay. But they still have to check them off in order to earn for other chores. Now, you may be thinking “How do they get paid?” and that’s a great question. It’s easy to sync your bank account with busy kid and it will automatically pay them twice a month or you can adjust the payments to monthly. You can also set up how much kids will be required to donate or to save. This teaches them some financial responsibility, which I talk about often. It’s important for kids to learn hard work ethics and the value of money. There is also an option to order a debit card (for $8) that will have your child’s name on it and will automatically have the payment on it each time you release payment. My kids are super excited about this feature, it makes them feel that they have control of their money and also makes them responsible for how they are spending. (no more asking mom and dad for money!) We can only dream 😉

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