Expert Tips for FABulous Traveling During A Pandemic

What do I need to know when traveling during Covid?

What if I told you that you could have someone research your dream vacation, search the best travel deals and build a dream vacation around your dreams. Guess how much it costs for you to use a travel agent? NOTHING! That’s the best part. We have been using FAB Travel Group for years and it has saved me so much time and money, since she does all the research and planning. Another perk to having a travel agent is that if there is a problem, she will handle it. There have been multiple times when we texted Faith Ann with any issues and we got to relax and enjoy our vacation. You are going to learn about all the benefits to using a travel agent along with tips for traveling during pandemic from FAB Travel Group. Where FABulous Vacation Dreams Begin.

Inside peek at the tips from this episode:

1. Know what guidelines are in place and more importantly, be aware of any restrictions. You don’t want to travel to the beach not to be able to even relax or play on the beach (especially with kids).

2. Find out what safety and cleaning protocols are in place. Most websites will give information about cancellations and refunding policy as well as their COVID guidelines.

3. Get Insurance- Even though insurance doesn’t cover a pandemic, it does cover so much more and you really never know what can come up that would cause you to cancel your trip.

4. Thanks to Faith Ann for sharing that the airlines are allowing 12oz of hand sanitizer, so you don’t have to worry about that 3oz rule. Make sure to add extra time for security if traveling by plane, especially in the larger airports. One last important tip is to check the protocol for face coverings as they can change daily.

5. Use a travel agent, its FREE! Seriously, it doesn’t cost you anything. They are paid from by the supplier, so it’s not going to cost more to use one – and when I tell you that we have the best travel planner out there, I am not kidding. She has gone above and beyond for our entire family. At one point, she even arranged for us to meet up with my parents while we were on our cruise and ported in Cozumel and my parents were in Cancun. She made all the arrangements for them to have a private driver to meet us at the excursion. Also, I can’t tell you the amount of ideas that I had her research and plan trips for me to get different ideas before finding the perfect trip and she never complained once. And those that know me, you know I have lots of ideas…haha

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Jenna Urban · Expert Tips for FABulous Traveling During A Pandemic

Rediscovering the Comforts of Italian Dinners with Gluten Sensitivities

Melissa Castner wears many hats – wife, a mom, full time job and now entrepreneur of a new Gluten Free product, Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix. Melissa is learning how to balance a Work-Life and how important it is in our everyday lives, but also knows how overwhelming it can be! She has been helping women for years to learn more about their body’s DNA (through functional testing and my metabolic type lifestyle) to fully understand  what makes them healthy.. and what makes them sick. She has created this 5 Week DIY program so you can do it at your OWN pace (remember, we want to feel better, not increase anxiety) over on her coaching website .

Mellissa developed Melly’s Homemade Meatball Mix™ so YOU can make the perfect Gluten Free Meatballs YOURSELF with the same authentic taste, and feel comfortable knowing it is made in a certified gluten free facility. We recently had our daughter, Mollie, switch to a gluten free lifestyle to see if it helps with stomach discomfort she was having. Melly’s Homemade Meatball mix is our go to for Italian style chicken cutlets, meatballs and meatloaf. We even make the loaf with ground chicken and the entire family eats it. Although it’s gluten free, it’s delicious and no one notices the difference, except for Mollie (no stomach pains after dinner are a win/win for all of us)!

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Jenna Urban · Rediscovering the Comforts of Italian Dinners with Gluten Sensitivities

Urban Kids in Quarantine Interview on Podcast

Have you wondered what’s going through the mind of the 55 million kids that are now being homeschooled? Well, we were too and decided to interview our children about this crazy experience. Lucas is 13, Mollie is 10 and Jaxon is 8. This episode is brought to you by BusyKid, a chore app where kids can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance. Visit BusyKid to register for a free account and have your kids start earning money today. Learn more about how your kids can be using this chores app for kids to earn money



A few days ago or maybe it was weeks ago, honestly they are all pushed together at this point, but I came across this post on facebook that really got me thinking about the importance of having my children journal this experience. I shared some ideas for journaling during quarantine and social distancing in a previous post.  I will admit that I am “THAT MOM” that takes pictures of everything and it didn’t stop during the quarantine. The main reason for my picture taking is to document the time and allow the kids to go back and reflect on the experience and more importantly, write about their feelings. During these uncertain times, recording your feelings and memories during the global pandemic is important, especially for kids!

Guess what, kids love filming themselves, so why not have them create a digital journal or even a traditional journal if that’s more comfortable.

Thanks Mama Cheaps for creating the Today is a New Day Journal


How to Practice Financial Self-Care with Susan Glusica


Susan Glusica is the UNRIVALED REALIZER, known for humanizing the fastest path to inviting in and receiving more money because she is a stand for UNAPOLOGETIC PROSPERITY. What she wants for herself, she wants for everyone! After 20 years in the “corporate cubicle” side of the financial services industry, she had a crisis of legacy and could no longer see her impact in the world and wanted proximity with clients. In order to make a bigger, bolder difference in her life and the lives of others, she founded Unrivaled Realizations LLC and created her signature group coaching program, Money Realities & Realizations. Through her discovery of the 7 Money Realities, she created a powerfully practical method for attracting and realizing more money. In 2019 she created a quick results program to add $8K+ to your bank account in 30 days or sooner.

Susan is also an international best-selling author, a Certified Speaker by Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) and Leader of WPN’s Orange County Chapter 2016-2018. Susan resides in the scenic 4-season resort area of Northern Poconos in Pennsylvania with her husband and cat. More information found on

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Making a Difference through Music with Dani-elle

Dani-elle Kleha, local country singer, starting singing at the age of 3 and hasn’t looked back. Working hard to get to where she is today, Dan-elle wants to give back to the community and has created a Positive Youth Tour, which is FREE right now to local schools. The hour long event features Dani-elle talking about her passion to spread awareness of anti-bullying, following by a personal message about her experience of setting a goal to achieve her dream and all about the long hours and commenting that she went through. The end of the event features Dani-elle, along with her band, taking the stage for a mini concert followed by Q and A’s if time. Right now, this event is sponsored by Texas Roadhouse of Wilkes-Barre and The Ronald McDonald House of Scranton.  Kleha kicked off her 2019 Tour last Spring with hopes of making it a National Tour. You can also email Dani-elle Kleha Entertainment at

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Holiday Album is awesome!